Fiverr Lets You Test-Drive Your Side Hustle Idea. Here Are 11 Ways to Get Paid Now

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Online freelancing on Fiverr could make you lots of money — *if* you know how to properly advertise your skill set.

“Once I started with Fiverr, I felt like I gained much more control over my business,” says Alli Hill, a writer and marketing expert who has offered gigs on Fiverr for four years. “Before I started with Fiverr, I went through agencies to find clients. It was just a big, intricate web of things I was doing to get business. Fiverr helped me get the types of projects I wanted to work on and spend most of my time focused on the work, rather than always having to market to get clients.” 

One in three Americans has a side hustle, according to a poll of 2,001 Americans commissioned by Zapier, a marketing automation company. If you’re entrepreneurship-curious, Fiverr can be a great platform to start an online business, acquire customers with little marketing, and add extra income. Fiverr offers a risk-free way to give entrepreneurship a test run.

Here are the top ways to make money on Fiverr that are popular now, along with stories from people using Fiverr to make extra money every month and create financial independence. 

Top 11 Ways to Make Money on Fiverr

  1. Tutoring and Consulting
  2. Freelance writing and editing
  3. Online marketing 
  4. Graphic design
  5. Website development
  6. Translation services 
  7. Social media management 
  8. Virtual assistant services
  9. Digital information product development 
  10. Lessons for hobbies 
  11. Voice services

No. 1: Offer Tutoring and Consulting Services 

The online education industry is valued at $243 billion, according to Statista, a data reporting company. Consulting is traditionally thought of as a more corporate service, but the term applies to anyone whose experience or insight would be valuable to a certain group of people. For example, you could be a college student who tutors other college students, or an online coach offering virtual consulting services. 

Fiverr is a great platform to offer consulting services that are delivered online through software tools like Zoom, and can include a variety of service types, such as coaching, tutoring, and advising. You can create a platform on Fiverr, let customers know which type of consulting services you offer, and start making money. 

No. 2: Become a Freelancer Writer or Editor 

Another way to make money on Fiverr is through offering freelance writing services. You can ghostwrite content on behalf of individuals, or you can freelance for companies by writing blog posts, social media content, newsletters, emails, sales pages, and even website copy. 

A sister skill to writing is editing. Written content often needs editing, especially longer forms of content, such as ebooks, white papers, and blog posts. Consider offering both services to cast a wider net.

No. 3: Sell Various Forms of Online Marketing

Ecommerce sales for 2021 were estimated at $870.8 billion, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. There is a lot of money to be made online, but for a brand or business to be able to tap into that pool of money, it has to market itself. If you have the bandwidth and the know-how, you can offer online marketing services on Fiverr from the comfort of your own home.

Online marketing services can include influencer marketing, paid advertising, SEO, organic marketing strategy, social media marketing, and/or email newsletter management. Fiverr offers filtering options to help you put your skill set in front of customers who want to hire someone like you.

No. 4: Design Graphics, Logos, and Book Covers

One of the primary ways people made money when Fiverr first launched was graphic design. Entrepreneurs, content creators, and even companies need graphics for their website, newsletters, books, social media platforms, and the different products they sell. If you have design experience, or have picked it up as a hobby, you can offer graphic design services on Fiverr and make money.

Some graphic design services you can offer include:

  • Designing book covers for ebooks. 
  • Creating logos based on customer requests. 
  • Designing website graphics such as banners, footers, and sidebar images. 
  • Creating covers for digital information products, such as online courses.
  • Designing graphics for modules within a training program. 

No. 5: Build, Fix, and Maintain Websites

Website development powers the internet. Individuals and companies need websites created, but they also need experts to help update and maintain them. You can offer various website services on Fiverr and make the kind of money that helps you build financial independence. 

Some website services include:

  • Building websites on WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix.
  • Maintaining the backend of websites, including updating apps, fixing errors, and managing comments on posts. 
  • Fixing poorly designed or built websites.
  • Designing individual pages or specific functions, such as shopping carts or membership sites.

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No. 6: Translate Languages as a Service 

If you speak another language, there’s an opportunity to offer translation services on Fiverr. People can hire you remotely to translate in real time, or they can send you documentation that needs translating. You can even provide language lessons virtually through translation services on Fiverr. 

Some items you can offer to translate include legal documents, articles, social media posts, and language learning lessons. The work can be done online from anywhere in the world.

No. 7: Manage Social Media Accounts 

Maintaining social media accounts is a lot of work, especially for entrepreneurs and companies who have their hands full with other priorities. If you’re good at social media and enjoy spending your time on platforms, you could offer social media management services on Fiverr. This would be a service in which you dictate what you’re willing to do.

Social media services on Fiverr can be focused on content creation, account management, or both. Perhaps you create post graphics and captions for your client, then hand them over for the client to publish at their leisure. Or perhaps you arrange to have your client give you their logins, and you manage both content and user interactions as part of your overall services. You dictate the terms of what you’re willing to do managing someone else’s social media, but it could be a great way to make money on Fiverr. 

No. 8: Become a Virtual Assistant 

Virtual assistants help entrepreneurs and businesses get more done, and the work does not need to happen in an office. If you have time on your hands, and don’t mind tasky administrative work, virtual assistant services are one of the most popular freelancing categories on Fiverr. These services could include managing email, setting appointments, managing a social media group, or any other online support someone would need. 

No. 9: Create Digital Information Products

Another way to make money online is through creating and selling digital information products such as e-books, courses, guides, and anything that involves online education. 

Digital information products have high profit margins and can make you money while you sleep. Once you’ve created an information product, you can sell copies of it again and again, even on a platform like Fiverr. Customers may think they’re looking for a service, but when they see your information product available for a fraction of the cost, they may realize they could do the job themselves with your prerecorded guidance and go in that direction instead.

No. 10: Teach Hobbies You Know and Enjoy

Do you play a musical instrument? Are you good at magic? Can you dance? There are hobbies and activities you enjoy doing that could make you money on Fiverr. There’s an audience for almost any hobby, and these users want to pay you to learn and grow. Fiverr has evolved dramatically in recent years, and has become a global freelancer marketplace that covers all types of services.

No. 11: Narrate and Offer Voiceovers

One of the most popular ways to make money on Fiverr is to offer narration services. You can do voiceovers for YouTube videos, audiobooks, courses, and even voicemail recordings. Anything that requires voice needs a person to voice it, and customers pay for narration services on Fiverr. 

How Does Fiverr Work?

Users head to Fiverr to purchase a service. Freelancers and service providers offer various services on the platform for users to consider and buy. 

Buyers pay Fiverr a service advance, and when a Fiverr order is successfully delivered and completed, the freelancer receives 80% of the total order value. For example, if a service costs $100, the freelancer would receive $80 for a completed order.

If you’d like to make money on Fiverr, you can list your service and know that you’ll receive 80% of the total order value. The advantage is that Fiverr has 4.2 million customers as of 2021, which means an already established potential customer base. 

How to Get Started on Fiverr

Getting started on Fiverr can be easy if you know what you’ll offer. The steps you’ll need to take to get started are:

  • Create a Fiverr account by entering the requested information, such as a name, an email address, and choosing a username. 
  • Verify your email to activate the account. 
  • Go to the “become a seller” page. You’ll be asked what service you offer, how much it’s priced, and other basic information. 
  • Fill out your profile completely to make buyers feel more secure about doing business with you. 
  • Connect a payment processor such as Stripe or PayPal to your Fiverr account.
  • Create your first gig.
  • Add photos and describe the gig, and start making money. 

“My best advice is [to] just get started,” says Georgina Caro, a freelance writer who uses Fiverr to make money. “I was a little apprehensive at first because I thought Fiverr was another one of these kinds of things that only certain people can make money from. I’m just a normal person, and it only took me about two months before I started to make really good money [on the platform].” 

Pros and Cons of Fiverr 


  • The ability to make money on a platform that already has customers. One of the hardest parts of business is finding customers; Fiverr does the heavy lifting for you.

  • Having control over what you offer. The app is user-friendly, and you can get paid quickly when offering Fiverr services.

  • Getting started quickly. With Fiverr’s already established platform, you can get set up in the morning and make money in the evening.


  • Initial reputation. It can be hard to get started when you have no reviews yet, because customers are leery of freelancers who appear inexperienced.

  • Availability. Fiverr prioritizes sellers that respond quickly, which means not having complete control of your schedule.

  • Competition. Fiverr takes a 20% cut of your earnings, and many other sellers are probably offering similar services to you.

“Respond to every single customer inquiry as soon as possible,” says Alicia Izzo, a Fiverr service provider with over 240 reviews. “From my experience, communication is key; Fiverr rewards people with the quickest response rate. I always tell would-be new Fiverr service providers to try to respond within one hour. It doesn’t mean you won’t get any work, but response time is one of Fiverr’s key metrics.” 

FAQs About Fiverr

How Much Does Fiverr Cost?

There are no upfront costs to set up your Fiverr profile and start making money on Fiverr. However, Fiverr will take 20% of each order’s total value.

Is Fiverr Legit?

Fiverr is a platform that has been in business for 12 years and has millions of customers. It is a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock exchange, meaning it has to keep public records accessible. Fiverr is legit and has had over 830,000 sellers on its platform. Millions of consumers use and trust it, and sellers regularly share their Fiverr experiences.

Upwork vs. Fiverr: What Are the Differences?

Upwork is a platform where you can offer services similar to Fiverr. Upwork tends to be more focused on freelancing and freelance services, whereas Fiverr tends to be on a variety of services.

Upwork is project-based, and Fiverr is gig-based. Upwork’s system for securing jobs is through what they call “connects.” On Fiverr, you list your gig, and consumers can purchase it.

When considering which platform to use, ask yourself which one you understand. Also, think about the type of things you’ll offer—you may not want to be a freelancer, and that’s mainly what Upwork is for.

What Are the Most Popular Jobs on Fiverr?

As a platform, Fiverr has 200 different categories. Some of the most popular jobs include:

  • Design: starting prices for design gigs range from $5 to over $1,400.
  • Website services: sellers charge from $10 for a simple task to $3,000 for a comprehensive one.
  • Translation: the top sellers on Fiverr are charging $370 an hour for translation services.
  • Social media management: sellers are earning between $100 to $2,500 per gig.
  • Consulting: top sellers earn $500 to $1,000 per gig, consulting on various topics.

Is Making Money on Fiverr Easy?

Making money on Fiverr is easy because there’s an already established customer base. However, it can be hard to build initial momentum, because when you start you don’t have any reviews.

“I got started on Fiverr while I was in college,” says Dr. Kyle Elliott, a consultant who offered services on Fiverr. “I was looking for a way to make money to fuel my love of coffee. I stumbled across Fiverr and set up a gig to review resumes. It was a great way to make extra money in college, and it started making money for me within a few weeks. I was surprised how quickly it took off, and I never imagined this side hustle would turn into a real business that kept growing.

Start Making Money on Fiverr

Fiverr can be the place where you build your business or start a side hustle that helps you create financial independence. Figure out what service you’d like to offer and use this guide to start making money on Fiverr.